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The Flu

A month has passed since all of us, specially in the health sector had a hectic time battling the flu outbreak that happened in March. A time with a lot of public panic, mixed information, social media controversy and all that went with such a situation. At this time I thought to reflect on the […]

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Apology, disclosure and trust

First published: December 15, 2012 (FaceBook) Over the years, many Maldivians travel abroad to seek health services. Many a time, these people seek services abroad for those that are readily available in the country. But why? I believe that this is due to the fact that people have lost trust in the system.  We need […]

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The time factor: my doctor is in a hurry!

Many a time when we go and see a doctor, there is a feeling that the doctor is in a hurry or rushed, distracted or doesn’t really care about the patient. Health systems are increasingly facing the issue of inadequate time being given to patients by doctors. It is a global phenomenon. Proper interactions between […]

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Alignments with new OPD protocols

Continuous efforts to orient our services and care to a patient centred one, in April 2012, we have developed and implemented a new set of protocols to ensure better OPD services provided at ADK Hospital. The purpose of the protocol is to ensure that patients who seek out patient consultations at ADK Hospital get an […]

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Hospital Waste Management

In a hospital, most of the time, everyone is occupied with the services that is being provided and how good they are delivered to the service seeker. Well this would be true for any service for that matter. Often, one important aspect of service delivery that does not get enough attention, but equally important, the […]

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Empowering the patient

old-and-young-hands-clasped“Patients as consumers have the right to make their own choices and the ability to act upon them” (Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia)

The outcome of successful service depends on empowering the patient. The patient shall be considered an equal member of the health care team. It is a responsibility of the care providers to provide complete information and communicate with the patient regarding diagnoses, treatment and procedures. Such relations would help towards smooth and successful outcomes. […]

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Complaints Vs Compliments

complaintsFollowing on from the write up on mishaps and mistakes, I would now reflect on complaints and compliments in the hospital. Every time a customer is unhappy about something in the hospital, they make a complaint. Be it waiting a while in queue for the doctor up to issues of food served while admitted to the hospital. How easy is it to lodge a complaint though? Most of the time even at ADK Hospital, customers will complain because they were not able to lodge a complaint easily. So what can be done to hear people out and make it easy for people to lodge a complaint? Simple, make it easy for anyone to lodge a complaint. Establish a complaint management system and let people know about it. If we do this, we get complimented for handling a complaint. Isn’t that nice? But again we need to change a culture of many years to do that. […]

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Mistakes and Mishaps!

stomach_stapling_031208_22When someone goes to a hospital to seek services they expect the best. Anything less is unacceptable. This is a common phenomenon irrespective of where ever you are in the world. Sure enough, no one wants to go to hospital unless absolutely necessary and of course they want to get better as quickly as possible.

But how perfect are hospitals? How perfect are the people who work there?

A mistake or a mishap in a hospital is a big thing. It points a lot of fingers, becomes a major media headline and lead to accusations of intentionally disabling someone or even worse killing someone. Healthcare providers are always on the alert, continuously conscious trying to avoid any such incidence in the hospital they work in. The irony is that something happens when you least expect it. […]

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The Doctor Patient Relationship!

docpatnt“You are feeling better today,” announced the Doctor, as he sat down by patient’s hospital bed.

Patient: “Really? What’s better?”

“Well,” doctor sputtered, his face flushing, “in my professional opinion, you are better!”
Patient: sighed “ I don’t think so, I still feel the same, and tired “

Doctor: “Your lymphocytes are better and you should feel better,”
Patient stops reacting, unhappiness visible on his face. […]

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