Cigarette imports, an alarming statistic …

I wonder just how much tobacco is consumed in the Maldives!

One of the best indicators of this would be import figures. Lets for argument sake take just two brands and see the magnitude of the issue from a different angle. Take for example Marlboro and Camel import figures for 2010 (Customs).

In 2010 alone the following numbers of cigarette sticks were imported

Marlboro sticks: 26,485,000 corresponding to 1,324,250 packs.

Camel sticks: 205,350,000 corresponding to 10,267,500 packs.

Note that these are the import figures for only two brands. There are many other brands, but in less amounts imported.

Now who consumes this? When I quote the import figures, most people argue on the counter saying that its not for locals. The tourists consume them. Lets look at it more closely.

Ironically, the majority of tourists come from developed european countries where the consumption is much lower comparatively and keeps going down. Perhaps the increased Chinese and Russian market may have a higher consumption.

For the purposes of this argument, I take the following population.

Locals: 310,000

Expats: 85,000

Tourists: 700,000

That totals to 1,095,000

That would be a reasonable estimate of the total population of the country in a given year. Probably less.

Now if we correspond that to the import figures, about 24 sticks for Marlboro are imported per person (slightly more than 1 pack)

And for Camel, it comes to about 188 sticks per person (more than 9 packs)

On average this means over 10 packs are imported per person per year for these two brands alone to the country.

This means that the tobacco importers are earning huge profits at the expense of the health and well being of the people of this country. The motive of these companies would be perhaps to increase and sustain the addiction!!

What about the implications of this on the public expenditure on health. With the government implementing a universal health care financing scheme for the Maldivians, the big picture is that, tobacco will be the main menace to the sustenance of the costs governments will have to spend on healthcare. Wonder who thinks of this picture?




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2 Comments on "Cigarette imports, an alarming statistic …"

  1. Manu
    07/10/2011 at 22:59 Permalink

    Afal – let us be allowed to smoke.
    the only enjoyment left. we dont complain of people of who donr smoke.
    why arnt you doing statistics on people comitting adultry, or other stuffs.
    we just want to enjoy our smoke……

  2. Carlye
    01/01/2014 at 13:39 Permalink

    Do you have more great arectlis like this one?

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