Alignments with new OPD protocols

Continuous efforts to orient our services and care to a patient centred one, in April 2012, we have developed and implemented a new set of protocols to ensure better OPD services provided at ADK Hospital. The purpose of the protocol is to ensure that patients who seek out patient consultations at ADK Hospital get an adequate and quality care during their visit to the Hospital.

It is envisaged that by implementing this protocol, the hospital can establish a consistent and cohesive process the will help the OPD’s to perform smoothly. In the meantime, the protocol will also help doctors to spend a reasonable time with the patient to ensure better and quality care to the patient.

The main areas that the protocol address are

Consultations: The aim of this area is to ensure proper and adequate assessment of the patient and understanding the patients’ problem fully before so that a proper and sound treatment regime can be prescribed to the patient.

Medications and investigations: This area aims to ensure rational use of medications and investigations as well as other diagnostics.

Patient privacy: aims to ensure that patients are confortable and confident that their privacy and confidentiality will be maintained when they consult a doctor.

Recording: aims to ensure that proper medical information is collected and kept in order to provide adequate information for the continuity of patient care in future.

Apart from the above core areas, other areas such as patient load benchmarks, break timings and attending to emergencies as well as issuing of certificates and documentations are covered in the protocol. It is important that these protocols are adhered to at all times and hence a mechanism to monitor the implementation is also implemented simultaneously. These protocols will only help to improve the way we do things and move towards a better position in what we do. Any change will have adjustments that are required to make it even better. There will be close monitoring of the implementation including orientation of staff towards these protocols.

It is always important that health care institutions continue to produce new standards and benchmark their services. The current OPD protocols have been developed based on past evidence. Research in to OPD records, patient contact times and loads have been studies extensively before these protocols are laid out. We will continue to develop and improve our services by introducing many more protocols and standards based on international practices and research into what we do. Monitoring of these protocols and facilitating the adherence to them through training and empowerment of staff is imperative to the successful implementation of such initiatives.



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One Comment on "Alignments with new OPD protocols"

  1. Dr Harihar khanal
    19/08/2016 at 15:48 Permalink

    I have some experiences that while consulting in SNT, many a times, I found that patients are not fully assured about the confidentiality during consultation, especially when the ER is quite and silent. In those times , they seem somewhat reluctant to discuss their issues in which little bit of privacy is needed. Surprisingly, they look comfortable enough when ER crowded, for the obvious reason that there is very little chance for the “consultation” to be heard by the third persons.

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