Our strange society

When I look at our society and the way we act, sometime I feel strange. Don’t you? When I was studying in developed societies, I find that there are some beautiful societal values that are practiced everyday, values that are the norm. When I look back at those, I think to myself, “Why are we like this?” I will share a few experiences and observations here.


Thank you is a very common term used in the western society. For example, when you are traveling on a bus, I have always experienced that passengers say tank you to the driver despite that fact that the driver was just doing his job. In our society, although some people do say thank you often, majority of the people just don’t bother. We do not readily say thank you. Did you ever say thank you to your taxi driver? Very few people do and if you do, the driver most of the time does not know how to respond. Wouldn’t it be nice if the culture of thank you becomes the norm? Start saying thank you to your mom, dad, family, neighbor, shopkeeper, driver, receptionist etc. Lets make it a habit. Definitely it will start to create a happier and more respectful society.


Another thing I learnt was that people help each other. Especially for example in traveling getting on or getting down from a bus, train etc, if some one is having heavy luggage, a pram with a kid, or is a senior citizen, someone else will volunteer to help them. Everyone is willing. When I came back home, I remember an experience I had. A lady with two small kids was going to get onto a ferry to Villingili. She was struggling to close the pram while carrying the little child. But no one bothered. Everyone wanted to get on to the ferry as quickly as possible. I offered to help, but she was reluctant initially, but then I folded the pram and put it up on the ferry. I saw the look on her face, she didn’t know to say thank you perhaps. I thought that she must have been wondering that I was abnormal. Small things matter in society. Aren’t we getting taught such values? It should start form home, schools and then should become the norm in society.


A zebra cross is meant for pedestrians as we all know. All vehicles are supposed to give way when someone is on the zebra cross. If you do this in Male’, few things happen. First, the pedestrian gets really confused. Many times I have had this experience. Some pedestrians just look at you in amazement as if saying to you “are you crazy? why are you waiting?” Secondly, someone may hit your vehicle from behind since most people don’t even keep road rules in their mind while driving. Its just that we do not bother at all. Sad isn’t it?


One day when I was taking my elder daughter for a ride, she asked me “dad, why is it that everyone are speeding up when the yellow light comes on? I told her “perhaps they might be in a hurry, want to pass before the red light comes on.” Then she replies to me “well we were taught traffic lights in school, and the point of the yellow light is to indicate that the red is going to come on soon and hence to slow down.” So true, but I just didn’t have a further explanation. That’s more like the norm on the roads even the kids notice and give a bad example. Unfortunately none of the traffic lights in the island work anymore.

Well there could be many more examples like this, and things that we really do not bother to correct. More work needs to be done on instilling values in the society. Starting from each nuclear family, household, school and flowing to the community. I just think to myself what can we do to change this? Don’t you? It’s just too strange a society …

Thank you for reading …

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