An accident waiting to happen! #RoadSafety

The United Nations Road Safety Collaboration marks this week as its fourth global road safety week (8-14 May 2017). Given the fact that speed is the main road traffic killer across the globe, the UN’s slogan for the week is Save Lives: #SlowDown where it seeks to increase the understanding of dangers of speed and also generate actions to save lives by improving measures to address speed.

Well in the small, confined and congested roads of Male’, the amount of road traffic accidents keep increasing. More vehicles, more speeding, more practices that may lead to traffic hazards are all to be seen. Ah, and also the increased traffic jams and the impatient horns that beep, bark, honk and what not are the norms of the road now.

In this post I want to highlight a practice on Male’ roads that relate to heavy vehicles. A practice that is becoming more and more common. Perhaps, an accident waiting to happen!

Early last year, in February, I posted the following post on FaceBook with a photo

This is a major road safety risk. Today I came across this lorry on a very busy road with lots of traffic. Can hardly move and everyone on the road realising the risk tried much to keep distance from this vehicle. Wonder why such unsafe practices are allowed. Without the back flap of the lorry cradle this poses a huge potential hazard for all on the road. And would this be a road worthy vehicle?

Some people commented to concur on my concern and also shared similar photos. When I posted that post, I did get a direct message from a government official who claimed to be from the relevant authority asking me to share the picture with the registration plate visible. I did share the original photo. Well that’s that.

Overtime, I have had an eye open for this practice, and this keeps increasing day by day. The graphic below is a compilation of some photos of vehicles without the end flap of the cradle. A lot of dust goes into the eyes of the people on motorcycles behind the vehicle and sometimes even debris fall onto the ground. I am concerned that this could one day turn into a major accident on the road.

I believe that such vehicles should not be road worthy and regulatory authorities should enforce vehicle owners to conform to better safety regulations. Also, those who are doing this should always keep in mind the danger that they are posing to a number of other people. This kind of complacency should not become the norm.

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